Establishment Year 2010


We, Ashapura Cement Products started its journey into various cement products in the year 2010. We are extremely conscious and careful of the raw materials used in making our products to provide the best and durable quality. We believe in dedication, determination in our enterprise by adhering stringent norms and standard not only in procuring raw materials from reputed suppliers but also turning them into final products to meet the demand of customer.

We employ labour skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled as per quality specification given by client to meet the suggested quality. Similar policy is adopted in procuring raw materials from venders. We maintain list of such vendor who are truly dedicated to the quality and potential of their raw materials. Considering a family member, we make suggestion, give advice to them to make changes or modify in raw materials to enhance suitability to quality products.

We follow policy of getting feedback from loyal clients and customers to make sure if we could provide our products and services satisfactorily. On the basis of this feedback we modify our raw materials procurement, making process and post delivery services to maintain our clientele and customers. We regard our customers, clients and vendors as a family so we always remain careful and conscious about relationship with them.

Moreover, We keep updating ourselves with invention of new types of raw materials and making methods to remain in flow of current market. For this we participate in various Seminars, Exhibitions and Conferences relating to our field. This way we keep our mental horizon wide to provide the best and the latest products.